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A compendium of copious knowledge compiled in one space! A one stop shop for marketing, promoting, networking and advertisement of all things witchy, magical and spiritual. Personal testimonies of small businesses, practitioners and divination readers. Witches and Spiritualists from all walks of life can advertise on this webpage, grow, promote and network their business. Featured online classes to learn. Connect with events, venues/ vendors, crystal dealers, book publishers, artists, podcasters and YouTubers. Each month we will feature readers, teachers, classes, shops, artists, authors, podcasters, youtube channels, events and more! If you wish to promote your business, art, podcast etc. Advertisement and networking is easy! Submit an application and email to


    Networking for Witches
    and Spiritualists

    This webpage is dedicated to all things witchy, magical, metaphysical and spiritual! Grow your business, meet other practitioners, gain knowledge, find events, network yourself and your magic!


    Small Businesses

    Promote your small business. Online stores and in-store locations all around the world.


    Podcasts and YouTube Channels

    Find the hottest witchy and paranormal podcasts featured here each month.


    Artists Corner

    Promote, sell and auction off your art at our Artists Corner!



    Each month new readers will be featured



    Find Teachers, mentors and classes both in person and online


    Witches Nook

    Discover new books recently published and get to know the authors

    Featured Readers

    Magical Shops

    In-store and online reputable shops. We support local owned, women owned, poc owned and small business owned by our LGBTQ communities. If you do not wish to support these types of businesses than perhaps this isn't the site for you

    Featured Shops

    Podcasts & YouTube Channels

    Listen to the hottest witchy and paranormal podcasts and ytoutibe channels

    Each month we will continue to feature the most popular, up and coming podcasters and youtube channels all relating to witchcraft, paranormal, paganism, etc.

    Artists Corner

    Featured artists' and their art 

    Brian Durkee's Art
    Original Water Color Paintings


    Art in Magick

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    The Witches' Nook

    Our featured author this new moon is Kyaira Harjochee.

    Here's her story:

    A mom of twin rainbow babies (my first is an Angel baby), LGBTQIA+, Pagan, Author, Artist, living with DID and Autism. I just started an online business “Healing Hearts Through Time” the end of April this year (my first business ever) I’m working towards a degree in psychology, in middle school I went into foster care. My life goal is to open a safe haven and help people get out of domestic violence and sex trafficking situations. My autobiography is currently going through the publication process and is set to release January 2024. I’m hoping that my books and online business will be able to financially provide everything I need for my family and I but most importantly be able to fund a safe haven and put me in a position where I can offer clients free therapy services once I finish my degree.

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    Authors and Books

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