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Cooking with magic

Old World Traditional Tomato Sauce
Ingredients/Magical Properties: Good health, wealth, happiness, comfort, healing, beauty,protection.
Tomato puree and tomato paste: Promotes love & happiness
Garlic minced: Protection, wards off malicious intent & bad energy
Basil: Promotes wisdom, draws in wealth, good health, abundance money & success.
Oregano: Nurtures love, promotes affection & positive emotions
Crushed Red Pepper: Protection, wards off malicious intent & bad energy
Sea Salt: Cleanses, provides healing & protection
Black Pepper: Wards off & protects against the evil eye
Olive Oil: Brings beauty, good health, longevity, wealth, abundance & prosperity
Sugar: Happiness, beauty, affection & healing
Parmesan: Affection, lust & beauty
Sauce pot w/ lid
Wooden spoon
Small saucepan
Charge your ingredients including your tools (wooden spoon) under a full moon ahead of time and keep in a dark, cool and dry place where it isn’t exposed to the sun until ready to use.
Although intention is not everything it is an important ingredient. Our power comes from our energy and is released from our hands. Hold each dry ingredient in your hands while speaking your intentions into them before dropping into the sauce. As you stir the sauce with your wooden spoon, you should be envisioning your intentions as well as speakingthem out loud into the universe.
  Contributed by Ginerella


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